As a local baker in Montrose, Colorado creating a custom wedding cake is a challenging yet rewarding task. Jacques Sweet Treats, LLC has been fortunate enough to do dozens of weddings all over the Western Slope of Colorado and have even been featured in some amazing wedding publications.  The ultimate goal is to help make the bride and groom’s wedding day extra special by adding a unique touch to their celebration. Here are a few helpful tips to consider when deciding on your dream wedding cake.

How many people will be attending?

This information is crucial in determining the size and structure of the cake. A classic 3 layer cake (12″, 10″ and 8″) will serve roughly 100 people.

How many layers do you want the cake to be?

One of the hardest things about creating a wedding cake is deciding how many layers it will have and how many wedding attendees will be present. One way to decide how many layers you want is by choosing the design of your cake. For instance, if you’re looking for a grand cake with intricate designs and decorations, then a multi-layered cake might be the best option. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a more intimate setting, then a smaller cake with fewer layers would suffice. Generally, most wedding cakes have between three to six layers, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to design and creativity. Whether you opt for a simple two-layer cake or a towering six-layer confection, the important thing is that it reflects your unique style and personality as a couple.

What flavor of wedding cake do you want?

Choosing the flavor of your wedding cake is one of the most exciting yet daunting decisions to make. While traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate remain popular, couples are now exploring more exotic flavors like lemon, strawberry, and even champagne. To make this task easier, consider the theme, style, and season of your wedding. For instance, if your wedding theme is a beach wedding, consider tropical flavors like coconut or mango. Also, take into account any dietary restrictions your guests may have. It’s essential to choose a flavor that will cater to the vast majority of your guests’ preferences. Finally, you can consult with a professional baker who will help you make an informed decision on the best flavors that complement your wedding day. Ultimately, the flavor of your wedding cake should be a reflection of you and your partner’s taste and personality, so make sure to choose a flavor that speaks to your heart.

Despite the challenges, it’s a joy to see the final product and know that it played a special role in such an important day in someone’s life. If you’d like a free quote for your wedding cake please contact us.