Terms of Service

Please read carefully and contact Jacque’s Sweet Treats LLC if you have any questions.

When collecting/accepting delivery of your finished product, by leaving the premises and accepting the cake/cookies/cupcakes/cake pops the customer accepts the products design as acceptable, therefore no complaint shall be made on design at a later date.

Any damage, contamination or loss of product after collection/delivery is the responsibility of the customer.

When delivering to a venue, we will try to obtain a signature from the venue staff to confirm the product has been delivered without damage. We will always take photos of the product on site.

We cannot be held responsible for contamination or damage that should occur once delivered.

If any problems should occur with the product, 90% of the order will need to be returned within 24 hours to decide on any further action. This decision is at the discretion of Jacque’s Sweets Treats LLC. The maximum amount of any refund given is the value of the cake/cookies/cupcakes/cake pops.

Allergen Disclaimer:

It is the responsibility of the customer to notify all/any allergy/dietary requirements at the time of placing the order.

By placing an order the customer understands and accepts that we are unable to guarantee a 100% allergen free product due to regular handling of allergens within the kitchen.

Unless otherwise stated all of our cakes contain butter, gluten and eggs and are made in an environment that handles nuts, soy, and alcohol.

Jacque’s Sweet Treats LLC accepts no liability for customers suffering allergic reactions from eating our baked goods.


Collection and delivery times will be arranged with you either at the time of ordering, or within one week of your order date.

If you require a change to the agreed time, please contact us to discuss as soon as possible.

Jacque’s Sweet Treats LLC has a minimum order of one dozen cookies/cupcakes/cake pops.

Transporting your cake (If collecting):

Important instructions for preparing your car when collecting your cake.

The best way to transport your cake is in the flat footboard of the car, or the flat section of your trunk. Some tiered cakes might be in a large box, so please ask for the approximate size of the box if you are concerned your cake might no fit.

Placing the cake on a passengers lap or on a seat is not recommended and no responsibility can be accepted by Jacque’s Sweet Treats for cakes transported this way.

On hot days, it is imperative that the interior of your car is cool. This is especially important if you are transporting your cake on a long journey.

Please drive at a slow, steady pace, avoiding sudden burst of speed, braking or sharp turns. Taking speed bumps too fast, or hitting pot holes can cause damage to your cakes.

Storage advice:

Jacque’s Sweet Treats LLC recommends that cupcakes/buttercream cakes be kept in the fridge until they need to be displayed. Buttercream is very sensitive to temperatures.

When choosing a spot to display your cakes, please make sure they are away from sources of heat which can cause damage to decorations and the cake structure.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding the above.